» Parental Benefit Calculator (Estonia)

Period of parental benefit payment

Due date/birth date of the child
Start date of maternal leave
Mother's period of parental benefit payment
Mother's parental benefit
Shared parental benefit
Father's parental benefit

Parental benefit

Reference period
Gross income for the reference period
Number of days temporarily released from work due to sickness during the calculation period




Parental Benefit (gross)
Number of reimbursable days per month
calendar days
Parental benefit (gross)
Income Tax
Parental benefit (net)

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NOTE! The new maximum limit for parental benefits applies to new benefits granted in 2024. The maximum benefit is not recalculated when the calendar year changes. Therefore, if the benefit was granted in 2023 at the maximum rate of 4291.29 euros per month (143.04 eur / day), the same amount of benefit will continue to be paid in 2024.


The calculations are based on the expected due date, but when determining parental benefit, the Social Insurance Board of Estonia relies on the actual date of birth!

The periods calculated with the calculator are helpful for estimation, but the real periods become clear when the actual date of birth of the child is known!

Even in the case of premature or delayed birth, the Social Insurance Board relies on the actual date of birth, and the criteria for determining periods remain the same.